Our Training Hall, Beginners and Experienced Club Swingers are all welcome

Classes are:

Fridays 7pm to 8.30pm at Forge Valley School, Studio.

Cost: £5.00 per session.

Beginners are most welcome to try out this unusual fitness regime.   Beginners can borrow a light set of wooden clubs (circa 1kg or 2lbs).

Normally most people will also have some basic kit such as a tracksuit, trainers (with socks), tee shirt and shorts.

It is useful to bring a lightweight skipping rope to our classes as skipping offers an opportunity to train the legs and improve aerobic fitness levels.

A typical Indian club swinging session will involve the following:

• Basic warming up exercises, especially for the shoulders and arms.

• Some basic club swinging routines (e.g. pendulums, circles, hand changes).

• Some advanced club swinging routines (e.g. swings with one club and swings with two clubs) with instruction.

• Some skipping routines.

• Some light jogging and running.

• Some light resistance exercises with the clubs used as weights.

• Warm down, stretching off and a relaxation and breathing time to finish.

We intend to have a number of activities in the future. These will include:

• Seminars.

Download our latest
course schedule here:

Download our latest Indian Club Swinging Courses here  

• Demonstrations and exhibitions of Indian club swinging.

• Charity fund raising events.

• Coaching courses.

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Fitness & Aerobics Classes every Thursday Morning at Sheffield Indian Club Swinging in Crosspool